Do you need a Home Deep Cleaning?

"Do you want to book a Regular Cleaning or a Deep Cleaning Service?” We always ask when customers call us to book a cleaning service. “ What’s the difference between both?” customers always reply. On a phone call, we'll answer you with key questions so you can decide which is the best service for your home. Choosing the proper cleaning service is very important so we can meet your expectations on our visit.

Our Key Questions to decide if you need a Regular or Deep Cleaning

  1. How are your kitchen surfaces? Are they greasy?
  2. How is your bathroom? Is there mildew or soap scum?
  3. How are your floors? Are they dusty, sticky or need to be scrubbed?
  4. How are your living surfaces? Are they dusty?

Why do we ask these questions? After cleaning thousands of homes, the priority list of 95% of our clients is the following:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Floors
  4. Surfaces

It totally makes sense because the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors are the heaviest tasks in any cleaning routine. When our customers want to book a fixed number of hours for their service, we suggest them that we can take care of these areas first and then do the rest of the scoop of work.

What’s the Difference between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

The Deep Cleaning includes more time of service and elbow grease! Also, we include cleaning the inside of the windows. As the name says, we go deeper in every task in order to make it easier to maintain your home clean. 

Deep Cleaning is called also Spring or Seasonal Cleaning. We recommend having a Deep Cleaning every 3 months (when seasons change). Why? Because your home routine and indoor environment also change. You open the windows and turn off the AC, or close everything and turn the heat on, change your seasonal clothes and even your decor. It’s the best time to declutter, vacuum behind that heavy couch, clean your windows, lift all those books from the shelves to wipe underneath and sanitize your space to get rid off those annoying allergies.

We also recommend adding some extras to your service, like clean inside the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets. It’s the best time to go through your fridge and pantry and toss expired food.

Tips for your Deep Cleaning

The basics for a successful Deep Cleaning are: having the energy to do it (or the decision to hire someone to clean your home) and the proper tools for each task. Remember to clean from top to bottom and to finish one area in order to move to the next one. Don’t forget to vacuum under the furniture, to lift the cushions and area rugs, clean the baseboards, and mop the floors of the common areas at last!

You will need:

  • A great Vacuum (Dyson, Miele, Shark, Hoover or similar). Empty your vacuum or make sure to have a clean bag.
  • A good mop. Don’t use the Swiffer wet pads, instead, try some microfiber towels to help you scrub the floor.
  • Scrub (green), non-scrub (blue) and metallic Scotch Brite Sponges. Use a different sponge for each area like bathroom and kitchen. Use the metallic sponge to clean inside the oven. Discard the sponges after the cleaning.
  • Scrubbing brush for the bathroom
  • High quality Microfiber Towels (Coming soon to our Cleaning Shop!).
  • Mini duster and high-reach dusters (we recommend microfiber dusters since they are washable).
  • Baking Soda to refresh your carpets, mattress, and help you scrub the tub and sinks. A little trick? Wash an empty parmesan cheese container and fill it up with baking soda, don’t forget to remove the tag!
  • Grocery bags to empty all trash bins
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies: All Purpose, Glass Cleaner, Wood Cleaner and Dish Soap.
  • Eco-Friendly paper towel
  • 2 pairs of gloves (for kitchen and bathroom)

The Cleaning Routine

The golden rule is to start from top to bottom. Grab your cleaning caddy and go to the top floor of your home. We always start with the bathrooms since they are the toughest areas, then the bedrooms and finally the hallway and stairs on your way down. The key is to close the room door when you are finished so it’s not overwhelming.

Bonus points if you decide to:

  • Change your bed and bath linens (wash them while you work on the rest of your home).
  • Pick up your hamper and take it to the laundry room
  • Sanitize trash bins
  • Tidy surfaces
  • Dust your blinds, vents and light fixtures
  • Disinfect doorknobs and light switches
  • Clean the windows (dust and wipe the frame, glass, and tracks)

On the first floor, we start by the bathroom (if any), then we clean the kitchen and the living areas. Since in most cases it’s an open area, start in one corner and go clockwise dusting everything and then wiping. Vacuum couches, rugs, and mop all floors at the end.

Bonus points if you decide to:

  • Shake cushion pillows
  • Refresh your rugs and textiles with baking soda, then vacuum
  • Tidy surfaces
  • Clean the Oven, Microwave, and Refrigerator
  • Sanitize trash bins
  • Dust your blinds, vents and light fixtures
  • Disinfect doorknobs and light switches
  • Clean the windows (dust and wipe the frame, glass, and tracks)

If you have a big home, you can take a few days to complete your Deep Cleaning. We know that it’s a hard task but it’s a necessary one, just focus on how fresh you will feel your home once you are done. We strongly recommend celebrating your Deep Cleaning with a glass of wine (or two!), a delicious meal and a good movie!

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