COVID-19 Disinfection Cleaning Services Available - Certified by GBAC
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Certified Provider by GBAC
Hospital-Grade Disinfection Service
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Use of EPA Registered & Biodegradable Disinfectant safe for all types of surfaces
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Professional Deep Cleaning Included
Certified by GBAC

Disinfection Protocol

Incident Site Risk Assessment
Identify the hazards & risks of your space so we can plan your disinfection service
Disinfection of visible contamination before sanitizing your space
Load Reduction
Removal and proper disposal of the gross bio-contamination
Forensic Cleaning
Removal of biological contaminants to prepare surfaces both vertical and horizontal for Professional Disinfection
Final Disinfection
Full Disinfection of Surfaces and Indoor Air with Hospital-Grade Electrostatic Sprayer Equipment
Post-Site Assesment
Visual and Odor Final Inspection by your Cleaning Team. You'll receive a Disinfection Report with Photos by email

Disinfection Cleaning for any Site!

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