Terms & Conditions

In this section you can find instant answers for your inquiries. If you have additional questions, please send us an email or call us an we will be happy to help you! You can find our contact information in our Contact page.


01. Booking

We give our clients a personalized service because we know that each Home is different. You can complete our Booking Form and we will contact you as soon as possible to talk about your service.

02. Cleaning Supplies

We bring our own Eco-Friendly Supplies to make your home shine. If there are special supplies that you want us to use for specific duties (bleach, stainless steel or marble cleaner), feel free to let us know your instructions and where can we find them in your home.

We will only need you to provide us a toilet brush, running water and electricity. A vacuum and step stool are recommended for reaching high areas and vacuum carpets or rugs.

03. Vacuum

Vacuums will be provided by the customer for Regular, Deep Cleaning, Move-in Move-out Cleaning and Office/Commercial Cleaning, unless requested. We may charge an additional fee of $30 if you require us to bring a vacuum for your service. Custom services like Heavy-Duty Cleaning, Real Estate and Post-Construction Cleaning are not obligated to provide a vacuum for the day of the service.

04. Organizing Supplies

Our Home Organizer visits you with a basic organizing equipment to declutter and organize your home with what you already have. We can set up a meeting to visit your home first and define the items needed to organize your space. Then, we can shop the organizing equipment for you and have everything ready for the day of your service.

05. Rates

Our price structure is based on flat rates and hourly rates.

Flat rates cover all the scoop of work listed for the selected service (Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning or Move-in Move-out Cleaning) within the suggested amount of time. Our cleaning times are calculated based on homes that are lightly cleaned at least every 2 weeks.

Hourly Rates are recommended for houses or shared apartments, with the flexibility to choose what areas do you want us to clean. Create your Clean is our hourly service. Hourly rates are per man/hours, for example, you can book 4 hours for 1 cleaner or 2 hours for a team of 2 cleaners.

We guarantee that our staff performs an efficient cleaning to give you the best service in the least time. If our Cleaner needs more time to finish the scoop of work (bigger home or service more complex than initially booked), we will contact you to ask if you would like to add more time to your service.

If the booked service is not the right one for your home, we will contact you and add a Messy / Extra-Messy Fee, Deep Cleaning or Heavy Duty Fee.

In case that we don't reach to an agreement in adding extra time to your service if required, we reserve the right to cancel the service.

06. Payment

You can pay directly on our website when you book your appointment or you can enter your credit card information and we will only bill you once the service is completed. We accept all mayor credit cards through our credit card processor Stripe.

07. Recurring Service

If you want us to Clean or Organize your home recurrently, we have discounts for you: Weekly 20% off | Bi-weekly 15% off | Monthly 10% off.

08. The day of Service

Since we give our clients a personalized service, we will contact you to make the proper arrangements for the day of the Service. We will coordinate with you all the requests, security information (keys or alarm), pets, etc.

For the Cleaning Service you can be present when the Cleaner arrives to give detailed instructions if you want, but is not necessary. You can always add notes to your appointment through your Customer's Account.

For the Home Organization Service, it is recommended that you are present, at least the first half hour, to coordinate your preferences for the service.

Please, safely secure valuable items prior to your service and advise of fragile items (and their care) in the Booking Form Notes, by email or let the technician know when she arrives to your home.

Large and Heavy items:
For safety and liability reasons, Cleaning Studio will not allow its Technicians to lift or move heavy items or furniture.

Caulking and Grout:
We don't assume responsibility for the restoration of severely worn, stained or mildewed caulking and grout.

High Reach Areas:
Our Technicians can only reach higher areas using a 2-step ladder provided by the customer.

We recommend to our customers to clear and tidy their surfaces and floors before their service. This allows our Technicians to focus on cleaning your home and avoid using your service time in clearing the surfaces. For example, if you have many decor items on your shelves, toys or clothes on the floors, or several items on your bathroom and kitchen countertops, we suggest to keep them in a container or store them properly during your service. If you want us to do it for you, we may extra time to your service (Messy, Extra Messy or Tyding Fees) in order to cover all the Scoop of Work.

Our technicians are very careful with your home. However, in the event of an accidental damage, please contact us within 48 hours. We cannot guarantee reimbursement for damages reported more than 48 hours after the end of the cleaning appointment.

09. Same Day Service

If you need us to help you clean your home urgently, please call us (347) 502-8828 as early as possible to check our availability. We have a Same Day Service fee of $35.

10. Reschedule or Cancellation Policy

You can Reschedule or Cancel the appointment 24hrs before the service by login into your Customer Account or Contact Us by Phone, Text or Email. For Cancellations made after 24hrs before your Service, we will apply a $25 fee. On-site Cancellations or No-Show (Customer is not home at the time of service), we will apply a $50 fee.

11. Employee Safety

Cleaning Studio reserves the right to remove its technicians (cleaners / organizers) from your home if the environment become unsafe, our cancellation policy will apply. If our technicians come across a Health Hazard situation, we will evaluate the situation and contact you immediately and a Health Hazard fee will be applied to your service.

12. Pet Policy

We are a pet-friendly company and we are happy to work around pets. Our cleaning service does not include pet clean-up, please take the proper measures before the technician arrives to your home.

If your pet becomes anxious or presents a safety concern, we reserve the right to remove or technicians from your home. If a technician leaves your home prior to completion, we will charge you a pro-rated expense based on work performed, otherwise we will apply our cancellation fee.

13. Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with our service, please contact us during the following 24hrs from our visit to schedule a re-clean of your home for free. Claims made after the 24hrs from our last visit will be subject to inspection.