Professional Mop System

Professional Mop System

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Professional Mop System made of Stainless Steel. Get your hardwood, laminate, tile, stone and concrete floors clean in a fraction of the time with less effort!

Guarantee backed up by thousands of homes efficiently cleaned by Cleaning Studio.

  • Top Eco-friendly tool for an efficient cleaning routine.
  • The mop handle is made from stainless steel and extends from 42" to 70" 
  • Available in 20" and 26" mop size
  • Super absorbent pads and durable.
  • The frame is heavy duty aluminum and allows the mop to swivel 360° as well as lay down almost completely flat while keeping the mop in contact with the floor (great for cleaning under the couch!). 
  • Mop Pads can be washed hundreds of times (see washing instructions)
  • Use them dry or wet.


  • (2) Microfiber Wet Mop Pads
  • (1) Mojave Dust Mop Pad
  • (1) 6' Adjustable Stainless Steel Mop Handle
  • (1) Heavy Duty Aluminum Mop Frame
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Caring for microfiber is pretty easy if you know the rules. Towels, dusters, and mops made of microfiber can last hundreds of washings if you stay away from the 2 big no-nos for microfiber:

  • No Heat!
  • No Fabric Softeners!

Instructions for Washing and Drying at Home:

  • Wash in warm or hot water with mild detergent
  • No fabric softeners – they clog the open spaces in the microfiber, making the fabric useless
  • Only wash microfiber with other microfibers, don't mix with other materials.
  • If you hand wash, wash in hot water with mild detergent and use a soft bristled brush if necessary – rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry is best. It dries relatively quickly.
  • If you use a dryer, set it on low heat or no heat.
  • Dry with other microfiber products only so that it doesn’t pick up extra lint

Commercial Washing of Microfiber

  • Detergent, High solvent for heavy soil and No Alkaline
  • No Bleach
  • No Fabric Softener