Why We Love Eco Friendly Cleaning (And You Should, Too!)

Welcome to our first blog post! We are an eco-friendly Cleaning Studio based in New York and our Blog is the best way to spread the word about positive topics like eco-friendly, cleaning, home routines, efficiency, organization and design.

Our top reasons to love Eco-Friendly

1. It's safe for the environment

They are made of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients and are a healthier and a great environmentally responsible alternative. Your use of these products helps to promote the growth of green businesses which are contributing to a sustainable economy.

2. Allergies, kids, pets? It's Safe for your family

Eco-friendly cleaning products have low VOC or no VOC emissions (see post keywords) so they are safe to maintain a good indoor and outdoor air quality, specially for people with allergies or asthma, kids that play inside the house, babies that are delicate and extremely sensible to their environment, elder people who usually have breathing problems and even pets who have direct contact with floor surfaces. 

3. Safe for the cleaners

Contact with regular cleaning products with VOC can cause eye, nose and throat irritation; cough; headache; general flu-like illnesses; skin irritation; and some can cause cancer. With eco-friendly cleaning products, the cleaner is safe from being harmed for constant exposure to chemicals, so cleaning is no longer a painful task. Always remember to wear gloves when you clean with any kind of products.

The cost to be Eco-Friendly

Today, we can find a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products in stores. They usually cost a little more than regular supplies but they are definitely worth it for us! For example, we can find at Target Clorox Regular Bleach at $2.42 and Clorox Green Works (eco-friendly) at $3.99. In this case is 1.6x times more expensive, but the eco-friendly selection is non-odor and doesn’t burn your hands. So, is it worth it for you to be safe when you clean?

Tips to select your eco-friendly cleaning supplies

  • Bleach: Look for non-chlorine bleach, like Clorox Green Works, Ecover or Seventh Generation.
  • All purpose: We really like Simple Green because is a heavy duty concentrated cleaner and degreaser. For more light jobs, look for Mrs. Meyers, Clorox Green Works, Earth Friendly or Method.
  • Windows: Mix half water and half distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and you have the best window cleaner! Add a few drops of essential oils to make it smell great.
  • Floors: We like Bona or Murphy Oil for wood floors and Ecover for tile floors. 
  • Wood Furniture and Cabinets: Use Bona or Method to protect the wood coating.
  • Stainless Steel: Look for Simple Green, Earth Friendly or Method Cleaners.
  • Aromatic: If you like aromatic cleaners, try Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. They have plenty of scents to choose from and the quality is great!
  • Cloths: Use microfiber cloths for your cleaning routine, they are reusable and trap dirt easier. Wash and dry them after each cleaning and they are like-new again!
  • Baking Soda: Boost your cleaning with Baking Soda instead of powder cleanser to clean the tub, vanity, sink and heavy grease from the stove top. It’s unharmful and works like magic!
  • Dish Soap: Choose wisely the cleaner for your plates, drinkware and flatware, like Mrs. Meyers, Method or Earth Friendly.

*Post Keywords:
VOC: Volatile Organic Components - There are in the majority of regular cleaning supplies, they have strong smell and toxic emissions as they contaminate your indoor air quality. 

Image Credits: Lauren Rubin Architecture

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