Why moms are the best!

I haven’t always been a clean freak until I became a mom. Yes, I cleaned…because my mom is a clean freak and my best reminder that a clean space it’s a positive space where you can work better, sleep better and live better.

When I was pregnant and getting ready for the baby, my mom gave me the following advice: eat healthy, take your vitamins and start a cleaning routine. Having a healthy pregnancy is a priority since you are only allowed to take almost no-medication when you get sick. I remember I Deep Cleaned my home from top to bottom and beyond before Emilia was born, and then followed a detailed cleaning schedule to make sure everything was perfectly cleaned because I was terrified that she could catch any allergy (and still terrifies me!). There is nothing worse than a sick child so I strive every day to maintain a mint environment.

Time flies and almost 9 years had passed. Luckily, my daughter and husband have their own cleaning chores (mop the floors, take the trash out, wash the dishes, wipe the surfaces, fold the laundry, etc), but between us… I’m still the boss!

So, why are Moms the best? Here are my top 10 reasons why Moms do the best job in the house (and in everything else... don’t get me wrong!):


1. We care...a lot!

We don’t do things half-way, we do them thoroughly. We simply can’t stand a pile of dirty dishes, an overflowing waste bin or a messy bed.

2. We can multitask

We plan ahead, visualizing all the tasks to tackle and making the best plan to conquer the job. Spray the bathroom while cleaning the kitchen? Guilty!


3. We are detailed and overachievers.

Most of the time we aim for perfection and we go beyond the requirements. Corners, baseboards, under the cabinets, over the fridge…we know where the dirt hides!


4. We are patient.

We pick up clothes, tidy and we scrub that stubborn spot on the grout until it’s white again.


5. We are experienced.

We have cared for a life so caring for a home it’s a piece of cake. We are delicate to dust and aggressive to scrub.


6. We have great instincts!

Our super mom energy that let us detect what works and what doesn’t. Remove spots first, then wipe, and last but not least, polish.


7. We are naturally empathic.

We don’t judge a messy home (our kids make a worst mess all the time!), we give our best to make it shine again.


8. We are problem solvers!

We take a creative approach at any problem and communicate the best solution. Vacuum is not working? We just grab the broom and clean the floors.

9. We love to recommend!

We want that every client can enjoy their home every day just as clean as we have left it. Products, cleaning tools, service frequency, you name it.

10. We take pride in what we do.

We love to see a home transformed from messy to super clean!

We are very lucky to have found an awesome team of Super Moms that are Professional Cleaners. We know that our clients are in the best hands every time they go to their homes. Believe me when I say to you that we take care of your home as ours!

Happy Mother's Day to all Super Moms! Enjoy your day and have a great time your kids. We wish you the best in everything you do.

Claudia Zimmermann.
Proud Mom & COO of Cleaning Studio

Mother's Day

Mother's Day