Cleaning Checklist

There are some #savvycleaners (besides the professional cleaners) that master a great routine, cleaning from top to bottom with little effort. The rest or the #notsavvycleaners (sounds familiar to you?), always get lost in the middle of the cleaning (or even at the beginning..) and miss a lot of spots (those that you usually find once you are all finished and want to enjoy your hard work... with a good glass of wine!). That's definitely not fun for anyone and at the end, your home is not properly cleaned.

To execute an efficient cleaning routine without missing anything, we have created a Regular Cleaning Checklist that you can download, print and use in your next home cleaning. We recommend that you immediately hang it in your command center or in the refrigerator, to have it always handy (and as a friendly reminder that you should clean your least once a week!)

Entry | Hallway | Staircase


Living Spaces: Living Room, Dining Room and Family Room








If you are a #savvycleaner, please share your best tips below... and if you are #notsavvy at all, share your most fun experience while cleaning your home.

PS. Don't forget to download the Checklist and share it with everyone!