A cleaning that fits your needs

Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose what type of cleaning does your home need.
We created this quiz to help you notice what are the key characteristics of your home that will define which type of cleaning is the best for your next booking.



Regular cleaning

To keep your home always clean. This type of service is perfect for homes that are cleaned at least once a week by vacuuming and moping floors, dusting surfaces, wiping countertops, light cleaning bathrooms and kitchen.

A professional cleaner will work around your home and complement your basic cleaning with extra detail and love.

*Book a Recurrent Cleaning: Weekly | Bi-Weekly or Monthly with special discounts.


deep cleaning

For homes that need a fresh start. By default, your home needs a deep cleaning with the change of each season, but sometimes we are too busy and get behind our home cleaning. That's when dust, grease and mildew have taken your home.

A professional cleaner will clean, scrub and disinfect your home, to get it back to a fresh start.

*Cleaning is a process, keep your home always clean with Regular Cleanings.  


heavy-duty cleaning

Homes that need serious work. There are cases when your home might need extra strength to get rid of heavy greasy, mildew or dust. It happens frequently when there are pets, cooking without cleaning and not cleaning surfaces in a long time.

A team of professional cleaners will arrive prepared to clean thoroughly your home and make your space comfortable again.

*May require a cleaning plan with follow-up services.

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